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Home > Calculators is not a lender or loan provider; is not an agent, representative, or broker thereof (except as may otherwise be provided by state law); and does not make loans or loan commitments, or lock rates. does not establish or maintain loan underwriting and approval standards. Third party lender or loan provider credit decisions are made independent of The hypothetical, estimated rates and terms in this calculator are not intended to be, and should not be taken as, representative of rates and terms that are actually available to you or that will be arranged or offered to you by your lender or loan provider. The rates and terms actually available to you or that will be arranged or offered to you will vary between lenders and loan providers. Only your lender or loan provider can provide you with specific details about the rates and terms that are actually available to you or that will be arranged or offered to you. The results of this calculator are based on data submitted by you. Your input of data does not constitute an application for mortgage financing. does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that the data submitted by you in this calculator or the accompanying results are accurate. does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that the hypothetical costs and fees incorporated into this calculator are exhaustive. Cost and fees may be incorporated into your loan amount or total amount due, and additional cost and fees may be imposed at any point during the life of your loan. Note, however, that this calculator, for purposes of calculating your monthly payment amount, assumes that you will pay any points and fees at consummation and will not finance them for the term of the loan. This is a closed-end loan calculator and is strictly for informational purposes only. For personal advice regarding your financial situation, please consult with a financial advisor. The “Estimated Loan Amount” is calculated with the presumption that the principal balance is repaid off over the life of the loan (i.e., the principal is amortized). The “Estimated Interest Rate” represents the hypothetical price paid for borrowing money stated as a percentage of one hundred at a yearly rate. The “Estimated Annual Percentage Rate” (APR) represents the hypothetical cost of credit (i.e., interest rate, points, broker fees, and certain other costs a borrower is required to pay), also expressed as a percentage of one hundred at a yearly rate. In an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) the “Estimated Interest Rate” and accompanying “Estimated Monthly Principal & Interest Payment” and “Estimated Annual Principal & Interest Payment” are subject to change based on current rates and the market index to which the mortgage is tied. Under a fixed-rate mortgage the “Estimated Interest Rate,” “Estimated Monthly Principal & Interest Payment,” and “Estimated Annual Principal & Interest Payment” remain the same throughout the life of the mortgage. The Payment Schedule illustrates the estimated outstanding balance of the mortgage at the end of the year. Estimates on the Payment Schedule reflect the anniversary of the mortgage rather than the calendar year.

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